In diesem Video zeige ich euch schritt für schritt wie ihr ganz leicht, viel Simoleons kriegt.

Video Rating: 6/10!


The Sims Freeplay Cheats – This cheat will give you unlimited Simoleons! Trust me, this works with no human verification required! It’s actually a glitch/hack and this should give you the more Simoleons than other videos due to the technique I use. Note I have a newer version of this video which hopefully makes things easier to follow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6Ine…
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Update 11/11: This does not appear to work on tablet versions of the game so please follow my tablet video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXsFC…
Note at 3:43 when you press the Green arrow and before repeating the steps, you need to come out of the of the Home Store completely and go back in. If not, the glitch doesn’t work. Sorry I didn’t make that more clear. You can see at 3:48 I have come all the way out.
*Please Note!* When you sell an item in The Sims Freeplay, your Town Value goes down. This happens with or without doing this glitch. Here’s an example: If you buy a retro sink for $150 your town value goes up by $12 – this is the resale value of the sink. If you now sell the sink for $12 your town value goes back down by $12. So: if you sell multiple expensive items after doing this glitch then your town value will go down by whatever the sale amount of each item is.
Here are the step-by-step instructions:
Notes: You need to make sure the item you want to duplicate isn’t already in your Inventory You can do this on any plot, even if a Sim has a house there You can use any table as long as it is 2 x 1 squares big You can duplicate any item that is able to be placed on a table Step 1: Create an empty room measuring 2 x 3 squares
Step 2: Buy 2 Shade Wall Lamps and place them either side of the middle of the right-hand wall
Step 3: Buy 3 tables. Any table will do as long as it’s 1 x 2 squares big. Place them down in a row
Step 4: Buy the item you’re going to duplicate and put it down on the bottom table on the right-hand side
Step 5: Go to the Room Editor and drag the room sideways by 1 square. Click on the red cross to cancel. Once cancelled the internal wall lamps should be flashing red
Step 6: Select top table from outside and rotate it, place it in the top right of the room. Select the second table, rotate it and put it to the left of the table in the top-right corner
Step 7: Select the item you’re duplicating and place it down underneath the flashing red wall lamp
Step 8: Select the top-right table and move it outside the room. De-select it by selecting the spare table that’s outside. Now press the GREEN BACK ARROW to cancel. Come out of the Home Store completely with the Green Arrow.
Step 9: Now, select the top-right table again and move it outside the room. De-select it by selecting the spare table that’s outside. Now press the GREEN BACK ARROW to cancel. The table should now be flashing red.
Step 10: Select the item you’re duplicating and move it diagonally opposite where it was. This is 1 square left and then 1 square up. Press the green tick to confirm.
Step 11: Go back into the Room Editor and re-size the room to be 2 x 1. Press the red cross to cancel. You should now see the item has duplicated. This means the glitch has worked! Check your inventory for the item you wanted to duplicate and you should now see 65,535 of them 🙂
Original credit goes to Roro who, amongst other, gave me the idea to make a version of this glitch: https://youtu.be/7fkSQFY5gMg I’ve just made a newer version showing how to make more money from it.
Note this does work for multiple items but I’ve found starting all the steps from scratch the best method. You can get away with just selling the internal wall lamp but for ease, just start again.
Please note you should not have any of the item you’re trying to duplicate in your inventory or it also will not work.
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Video Rating: 8/10!